Providing full service management and representation to professional sports personnel such as athletes, coaches and general managers. Our team of professional agents will manage your contacts and create a perfect and beneficial representation of you as a professional basketball player.

We assist our clients to reach their goals, plan for the future, & take care of daily issues.We help our clients on & off the field, to succeed in their career & post-career.This level of expertise & "one on one" attention can not be surpassed by any other "super agency" or individual agent.Being a professional athlete can be a great experience & is a unique opportunity of fame & fortune. It is important that every athlete has the right advice, guidance & counsel to make the most of this opportunity.

Specialized in overseas basketball, we have connections with more than 100 teams around the world, across Europe, North America & Asia. With a strong world-wide presence, Basket's unique business model has opened doors to every major market for basketball & awarded our clients with lucrative playing contracts.

Basket is a full service sports agency, representing professional athletes, particularly basketball players. As a full functioning sports agency, we offer our clients an array of services from financial and contractual to personal consulting, enabling them to fully focus on their craft.

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